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ASTD (Association of Sport and Technical Divers) was founded in 2012. The organization's motto is diving training and development as well as flexibility in propagating new trends. The founders of ASTD are David Cani and David Scoumal, who are not only IANTD's longtime leaders but high-class cave divers running, among others, the project at Hranicka Propast. Based on our extensive experience, we have created our own
training materials. The founders of ASTD are the authors of many books, diving manuals, training procedures and translations, as well as industry articles in diving magazines. In addition to the technical and cave orientation, there was also a sport diving programme adapted to the needs and possibilities of today's world.

The highest body in the organizational structure is the Training Committee dealing with the training of Course Directors. The Training Committee creates training standards and guidelines as wel as introduces updates in line with the latest standards in the world. Constantly raising their own qualifications, the members of the Training Committee regularly conduct classes for fellow instructors and trainers who teach in accordance with the ASTD training system regarding their instructor qualifications. The Training Committee grants instructors an active status valid for one year at a time.

PDF: English version of standars

Standard compliance courses:

  • ISO 24801-1:2014
  • ISO 24801-2:2014
  • ISO 24801-3:2014
  • ISO 24802-1:2014
  • ISO 24802-2:2014



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